Saniya - The Kidpreneur

Saniya is a young entrepreneur with goals of building an empire full of various businesses. She enjoys owning her own business at a young age because her mission is to have several steady streams of income before she leaves for college. Saniya credits her mother for instilling in her a positive mindset to believe that anything is truly possible if she wants it bad enough. Even though owning businesses isn’t the current goal of many of her peers, Saniya is happy knowing that she is an example to her friends and younger cousins that they can accomplish anything regardless of what their goals are at the moment.




Iconic Legends is an Apparel Line that began in 2018. The mission is "To be the ideal clothing choice for youth to feel Iconic while making Lengendary moves."

Iconic Legends specializes in graphic t-shirts, sweaters, jumpsuits, and hoodies that display positive messaging.

Visit or Email to place order.

"Make a statement. Be ICONIC. Live LEGENDARY."





Symone's Stones is a jewelry line created by Saniya-Symone. Each peice is an individually hand-crafted item designed to order. All items contain an inspirational message to encourage each purchaser.

The bracelets are great gifts for all ages and genders. Consider Symone's Stones for your next bridal party gift, orgnizational gifts, etc.

To place your custom order, email