2019 Miss PreTeen Ultimate Beauty of America


My Platform

I am honored to serve as the 2019 PreTeen Ultimate Beauty of America. While under this title, I plan to push out my platform of Youth Empowerment to End Bullying. I believe that youth that are empowered with resources to achieve their goals don’t have time to bully others. Hurt people hurt people. We should all understand how important it is to spread love, a helping hand, and encouragement to one another instead of negativity. If we spent our time doing these things, we’d have no time to bully others or allow ourselves to feel down because of the opinion of others.



Madi Girls Rocks - Dream Academy

Real Queens adjust other Queen’s crowns. Thank you Foster Elementary for allowing me to be apart of this pampering event for the young queens at your school. This was alot of fun.



Mademoiselle Annual Conference

I want to thank the ladies of the Mademoiselle Social & Service Club for inviting me to present 3 workshops on Youth Entrepreneurship. I believe it is important for my peers to know that that they can achieve their goals at a young age.


For more details regarding the Miss Ultimate Beauty of America Pageant system, visit www.missultimatebeautyofamerica.org/